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Glamour Photography Posing: Adding Glitz To Posing

When people hear the word ?glamour photography posing? they usually think of glamorous models posing and walking the runway. In addition to that, the advertising industry also needs it to publicize their products. It is important to have gainful knowledge of the basic concepts of glamour photography posing before shooting models and messing it all […]

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Exposing Photography Posing Secrets

Every accomplished photographer has his or her humble beginnings, to quote Ralph Waldo Emerson, ?Every artist was first an amateur.? Everybody starts as ?greenhorns? even Leonardo da Vinci himself needed to learn and improve his skills before he became the most legendary icon of arts and sciences. It goes for photography; you need to hone […]

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Building Confidence In Photography Posing

There are people who are not comfortable about portrait photography posing because of their inferiority complex that they don’t have the right look to be in front of a camera. There are individuals who do not feel comfortable because they think their face is not proportional. The primary job of the photographer is to make […]

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