The Canon Digital Rebel XSi Digital SLR Camera – A Reliable and Reasonably Priced Camera

The Canon Digital Rebel XSi camera is generally considered to be a decent upgrade on its prior version, the XS and boasts of several customizable options incorporated that permit the person to test and experiment with. They also provide the device with a nice attractive professional look. It has many attention-grabbing facets that are person friendly as a result of flawless design. Since it is an upgrade, it has even higher functionality then the previous types and is capable of taking  pictures of amazing detail and clarity in all kinds of situations which makes it a true professional camera.

The Canon XSi camera can take photos of a very good resolution with the 12 megapixel sensor. The unit also has intuitively designed menus that are consumer friendly and navigation by way of different steps is a breeze. It is very simple to get the required setting based mostly on the different modes and choices available. It can make use of all its options in the right combination to provide excellent results. The ergonomics of the digicam is also good with a nice build high quality and size. The battery life of the Canon XSi camera is also passable and there's no need for the user to hold a spare battery because of its life and the less amount of time it takes to recharge. The weight of the unit is also good enough to carry it steadily and not put a strain on the hands on the same time.

The auto focus of the Canon XSI works well in almost all the conditions and the auto mode is appropriate to take pictures when the consumer is uncertain as to which mode needs to be chosen. There are several other modes though, which can be specifically designed to take wonderful pictures in totally different situations. The image high quality is nice at lower ISO settings although the user could discover just a little noise at higher settings which is not unusual in most cameras. The kit lens is more than ample for all kinds of customers and likewise works properly with the different modes and settings offered. The picture stabilization function works very well in decreasing the blur that often results because of shaky hands. The in-built flash, although not great serves the purpose and does a fairly nice job.

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There is no bag that is included in the box and it will make the situation better if the user buys lens protector filters individually to protect them. The grip is just not satisfactory for users with big hands for the ergonomics of the unit. There seems to be an issue with the auto focus for a number of the units because the XSi camera doesn't focus on the object proposed to being shot when it is at a medium to long distance from the user. There is no articulating display screen integrated although it's a comparative model to those that include it. The battery of the unit is pricey should the user need to purchase a spare standby one.

However the Canon Digital Rebel XSI 12MP Digital SLR Camera is a tremendous piece of technology though it shares a few minor downsides which can be seen in nearly all DSLRs.

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