Basic Digital Photography Lessons

Many people have a digital camera these days. Everyone carries them around in their pocket or purse. You can even have a digital camera on your phone now eliminating the need carry two separate devices. But not everyone knows what to do with the pictures once you take them. You can email them and send them out to be printed or print them yourself. But not everyone knows what to do beyond that. Fortunately the Internet has many places you can go to take part in some digital photography lessons. Some of the best and most useful are the free digital photography lessons shared by regular users and professionals on their websites and blogs.


One of the first digital photography lessons to learn and understand what a pixel is. A pixel stands for Picture Element. Every digital photo is made up of small squares that make up the image similar to a tile mosaic. Even thought a picture may look smooth, it is actually made up of a bunch of different squares that are different colors. Many different digital photography lessons will teach you about how to take the picture and the techniques to use. You need to understand what you pictures are made of if you are to understand the basics of digital photography. All digital cameras are defined by their pixel count. This is the number of pixels or square it takes to make a single picture. A one-megapixel camera has a million pixels in each photo it takes. The higher the pixel numbers the more detail and the bigger picture you can take.


Many cameras today offer different optical and digital zoom ranges. Even your cell phone may be able to zoom into a shot when it takes a picture. Another basic digital photography lesson to understand is the difference between optical and digital zooms. An optical zoom is using the cameras lens to zoom. This is very similar to traditional 35mm cameras that could zoom in on a shot. A digital zoom will crop the image and enlarge it. This is why many pictures taken with a digital zoom look very grainy. A lot of quality is loss when using a digital zoom. Many digital photography lessons will explain how using the optical zoom is the better way to take the picture and they will teach you how to use software programs to crop the image and zoom in after the picture has been taken so that you will not loose any quality in the photo.

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