Photography: how it all began
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The French can take great pride in being recognized as the people that invented the entire process of photography and they did so way back in the year 1827. In the more than a century since that early discovery a lot of water has flown beneath the bridge. When one picks up a camera today one does not even give a second thought to the inventiveness of a person named Joseph Nicephore Niepce who is credited with taking a picture long before any other person on this planet did so.

Clear Pictures

However crude that first picture may have been, today people with fewer skills can take pictures with clarity that Niepce may not have imagined was possible. It was Frenchmen such as Niepce and others that experimented with the concept of photography that in turn helped to lead the way in capturing images on film more efficiently and effectively.

The year 1829 saw a French painter by the name of Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre who along with his friend and compatriot Joseph Nicephore Niepce built on the latter’s efforts and succeeded in making photography a reality. This outstanding contribution paved the way in making photography less time consuming, which was a welcome change because at the time the first known picture took about eight hours to develop. The combined efforts of Daguerre and Niepce resulted in development time contracting to a mere thirty minutes.

However, photograph was term that was only first coined in the year 1839 when a scientist by the name of John Herschel combined a pair of Greek terms that were ‘photo; and ‘graphein’ that referred to light as well as draw.

The history of photography took a major step forward when in the early eighteen fifties a person named William Talbot came up with an invention that ensured that a negative print could yield multiple copies of a single photograph.

The next major advancement in terms of the development of photography took place in the year 1889 when George Eastman laid the foundations for modern photography. He was the person credited with bringing to the fore the idea that photographic equipment could be mass produced and it was his brainchild to launch a certain kind of film to help give life to his theory of mass production.

Now-a-days, photography is a popular pastime for some and a great career option for others. Today, every amateur photographer can use their skills in a simple manner – all because of the digital cameras that have made modern photography so simple and easy to use. Wedding photography in particular is an activity that lends it well for amateur photography. Even though professionals can probably give you exceptional shots, an amateur photographer armed with a digital camera too can get a lot out of shooting at this special occasion.

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